Hotel Nulu

Last year, Corn Island excavated the site of Marriott AC Hotel Downtown. The hotel had its grand opening just before Derby, and has placed some of the artifacts uncovered on display in their lobby. The 1.07 acre lot excavation revealed 13 features including a basement, three cistern, and nine privies. Five of those privies were sampled. The recovered artifacts are varied and in good condition and provided a good deal of information about the inhabitants of this block from 1860s into the 1900s. In addition, other features, notably cisterns, were exposed and documented, revealing information about construction techniques as well as placement on the residential lots.

A large variety of glass bottles were also recovered, including ones from Falls City Brewing and all manner of medicinal bottles and vials.

A large amount of glass marbles and children’s toys and dishes were found at the site.

Excavated stoneware jugs displayed along with some modern decor.

Beecher Terrace

Corn Island conducted excavations of the historic neighborhood that lies below Beecher Terrance earlier this year. This week we presented some of our findings to with Gray & Pape and SHPO.

Happy Holidays!

We at Corn Island would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays this winter. This year, we designed our cards pulling inspiration from decorated redware pottery found at the Conrad-Seaton house. Here’s to another great year!

Spot Light: Kathy McGrath

Kathy McGrath is key to the success at Corn Island. She received her Master’s degree in Anthropology from Ohio State University in 1993. Kathy, with 20 years of experience, celebrates her 10-year anniversary with Corn Island this summer. As Operations Manager, she wears a lot of hats. Among her important duties is the management of the archeological laboratory. Kathy is very experienced in database management and analysis, interpretation, and preservation of material culture. Kathy is also Corn Island’s lead for Master Planning projects in which she supports the overall effort by researching the cultural history and past land use of project sites. Kathy is a valuable component of our marketing team, preparing materials for project proposals and teaming arrangements. Kathy can be reached at