Clover Hill

NRHP-listed Clover Hill (JF30) is one of the earliest resources along the Dixie Highway corridor. The period of significance ranges from 1800 to 1899 with dates of significance including 1826, 1857, 1859, and 1863. AThe area of significance consists of Exploration/Settlement. Diaries kept by one owner provided abundant information, including the construction periods of the house. Additions included an octagonal room built in 1863. The property had been first owned by Robert Nicholas Miller, who served in the State Legislature in 1831 and 1848. Miller had been in the area since 1804 and first bought property at this location in 1817. The first portion of the house dates to 1826. The house was later owned by son Howard Miler, his wife Medora Griffin, and their nine children. Between 1908 and 1912, Colonel Bennett H. Young, who had served in the Confederate Army bought the property as a summer retreat. After exile to Canada and obtaining his law degree in Belfast, Young returned and made productive contributions to Louisville, including his book on prehistoric archaeology, Prehistoric Men of Kentucky.